About us

The MarkLogic Guild is a unique network of MarkLogic experts, all around the world.

We can help you with your projects using MarkLogic, and more generally with NoSQL and everything related to data.  Our experts have all many years of experience, in different industries, in different environments, and in conjunction with different technologies.



Our members are all recognized experts in the MarkLogic community.

They all have a long experience with MarkLogic. As consultants, sales engineers or solution architects.  With different hats over the years, and over the projects.

They have been breaking data silos for a living for years!


MarkLogic is a powerful product, providing a lot of different features and configuration switches and knobs.

Our network of experts know them well. And they all have access to each other's knowledge. They help each other. They continuously learn from each other, and from new projects and situations.


The Guild network is diverse. Members are located in several countries, in different cultures, speaking several languages. They have worked in different industries, on small and (sometimes very) large projects.

Our experts have worked not only with MarkLogic, but with a range of various technologies and methodologies. Related to data, and beyond.