This is the list of all the individual members of the Guild.  They are located in the US, in the UK, and in Belgium, and are open to travel.

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Founding members

The original members who founded the MarkLogic Guild.


Florent Georges

Since Florent discovered IT back in the 90's, he has always been fascinated by how data are stored and represented.  He naturally came to XML, and contributed many projects in that field.

In his journey towards data flexibility and integration, Florent discovered Web services, and later SOA, in the 2000's, which helped to start breaking silos within companies.  During the 2010's, he was then pleased to be part of the NoSQL movement, enabling central data hubs in the enterprise, and providing ground for data technologies and data science.

Florent has been exposed to the Semantic Technologies since the late 90's.  But he waited decades for MarkLogic 8, and its transactional triplestore, to start using Semantics and the flexibility of its data model in commercial projects.

He is deeply involved in the XQuery and XSLT community: invited expert at the W3C, chair of the EXPath group, and maintainer of XSpec, the test framework for XQuery & XSLT, teacher at the XML Summer School in Oxford...  Florent collaborated to several books, and has given multiple talks in several conferences.  He has been working two years for MarkLogic, helping many of their clients with their data projects and challenges.

Florent speaks French and English.

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Dan McCreary

Dan is an enterprise data architect with a focus on NoSQL database architectures.  He has worked at Bell Labs and Steve Jobs's NeXT Computer as well as founding his own consulting firm of over 75 people.

His interests include topics such as distributed computing, programming languages, databases and deep learning.  He has published articles on the semantic web, metadata registries, US Federal XML standards, XForms, XQuery and XRX.  He is a co-founder of the "NoSQL Now!" conference and is a co-author of the book "Making Sense of NoSQL" by Manning Publications.

Dan was also a Principal Consultant for MarkLogic for 2.5 years.  Dan is currently an independent consultant with a focus on AI and natural language query front-ends to Data Hubs.

Dan speaks English.

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